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September 2014: Our paper “Multi-Objective Parametric Query Optimization” has been accepted at VLDB 2015.

August 2014: Our paper “Building Efficient Query Engines in a High-Level Language” has won a Best Paper Award at VLDB 2014.

April 2014: Our paper “Building Efficient Query Engines in a High-Level Language” was accepted at VLDB 2014.

April 2014: Our paper “Approximation Schemes for Many-Objective Query Optimization” was accepted at SIGMOD 2014.

April 2014: Our paper “LINVIEW: Incremental View Maintenance for Complex Analytical Queries” was accepted at SIGMOD 2014.

March 2014: Our paper “Abstraction Without Regret in Database Systems Building: a Manifesto” was published in IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 37(1): 70-79 (preprint).

February 2014: Our paper “Scalable and Adaptive Online Joins” has been accepted at VLDB 2014.

January 2014: Our article “DBToaster: higher-order delta processing for dynamic, frequently fresh views” has been published in VLDB J. 23(2): 253-278, the special issue with the best papers of VLDB 2012 (preprint).


December 2013: Our proposal for a Swiss national research center (NCCR) on computational materials science has won! Christoph is a PI.

April 2013: Our paper “Automatic Synthesis of Out-of-Core Algorithms” has been accepted at SIGMOD 2013.

March 2013: Our paper “Sparse Projections onto the Simplex” has been accepted at ICML 2013.

February 2013: Our paper “Fine-Grained Disclosure Control for App Ecosystems” has been accepted at SIGMOD 2013.

January 2013: The EU FET Flagship proposal “Human Brain Project” has been accepted for funding (1 BN Euros). Christoph is a PI.


November 2012: Our VLDB 2012 paper “DBToaster: Higher-order Delta Processing for Dynamic, Frequently Fresh Views” has been invited into the VLDB Journal collection of best papers of VLDB 2012!

November 2012: Both NCCR pre-proposals the lab is involved in have received top grades from the Swiss National Science Foundation!

October 2012: Two papers were accepted at CIDR 2013, one on Quantom Databases and one on Abstraction without Regret in Data Management Systems!

September 2012: Welcome to the new lab members Mohammed ElSeidy, Yannis Klonatos, and Daniel Lupei!

May 2012: Oliver Kennedy has accepted a position as tenure-track assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo (starting in August 2012).

May 2012: Our paper presenting the DBToaster system and its amazing performance has been accepted at VLDB 2012! Look out for the upcoming release of the system!

April 1, 2012: Christoph Koch’s tenure as Editor-in-Chief of PVLDB and PC Chair of VLDB 2013 starts.


September/October 2011: Welcome to new lab members Clemens Ley, Milos Nikolic, Andrej Spielmann, and Aleksandar Vitorovic!

June 2011: We won the best paper award at SIGMOD 2011 for our paper “Entangled queries: enabling declarative data-driven coordination”! We also had four papers (two regular, two demo) at SIGMOD.

June 3, 2011: Our book on probabilistic databases is now published!

Spring 2011: Our paper “Entangled transactions” was accepted at VLDB 2011.

February 2011: Welcome to new lab member Simone Muller!


Dec 13, 2010: The final version of our CIDR 2011 paper on the DBToaster project is now available.

November 15, 2010: Founding of the DATA lab.